This page provides information for whole-of-university issues in promoting student wellbeing. It includes:

  • A framework for developing a whole-of-university approach (the full framework can be downloaded here).
  • A podcast discussion of university-related issues, drawing on academics, higher education experts, and students’ experiences; as well as an interview with higher education experts.
  • Links to other useful whole-of-institution frameworks and policies in other contexts that have guided the development of our own framework.
University framework for enhancing student wellbeing

Click on the links in the boxes below to read more about each section of the framework:

Listen to the podcast

Professor Raoul Mulder speaks with a panel of experts about student mental health and wellbeing

Panel Speakers

Meet the panelists

Hear from experts

Professor Raoul Mulder interviews Professor Glen Bates (Swinburne) and Mr Matt Brett (La Trobe) about whole-of-university issues.