How can academic educators create learning environments that supports student wellbeing? What can research supervisors do to better support the wellbeing of PhD candidates?

This module reviews evidence-based teaching approaches that have been shown to enhance student wellbeing, engagement and competence in a range of contexts. It also provides examples of how the essentials of student mental wellbeing can be supported through diverse teaching practices.

This module is relevant to both new and experienced academic educators with teaching responsibilities.

Topics and resources in this module include:

Developing confidence in one’s ability to learn a subject is essential to success. At the start of the course students should be given a few tasks to perform at which they can succeed quickly. They should feel they could gain some new knowledge simply by linking it to what they are already confident about. Without a feeling that the next step will be achievable, learning anything is a trial and is often a failure. It is our responsibility as professional teachers to provide that security.
Paul Ramsden, 2003, p.134