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Enhancing Student Wellbeing

Welcome to Enhancing Student Wellbeing – a suite of resources to assist university educators to develop policies, curriculum and teaching and learning environments that better support student mental health. The growing prevalence and severity of mental health difficulties across student populations in higher education is an issue of significant concern for universities. This project supports sector-wide conversations, a whole-of-institution approach and pedagogical innovations that promote mental health and wellbeing, enabling all students to realise their academic potential.

1. Student Wellbeing

Why are so many students experiencing poor mental health? Experts answer questions about the high rates of student distress and the role of universities in promoting wellbeing. Learn More.

2. Curriculum Design

Can academic curricula better support mental health? Good practice principles and discipline-based case studies of curriculum design to enhance student wellbeing. Learn More.

3. Teaching Practice

Are your students learning effectively? Evidence-based strategies to promote student engagement and scaffold competence in a range of teaching and learning contexts. Learn More.

4. Difficult Conversations

Not sure what to say? Counsellors, teaching academics, and students offer insights and strategies for managing difficult conversations with students about their mental health and behaviour. Learn More.

5. Your Wellbeing

How are you managing your own wellbeing? Resources and strategies to help you maintain good mental health and to help you recognise how student distress may affect your own wellbeing. Learn More.